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About us

There are a number of people involved in the NBSS club:


Sandra is the co-founder, lead tutor and acting Chairman of NBSS.  She first became involved with computers in 1961 and then later in her long career entered teaching and then training, managing the largest computer training organisation in Hampshire.


Sally is the co-founder, administrator and Secretary of NBSS.  She is also the Parish Administrator for the Church and acts as an extremely useful link between NBSS and the church.


Rob is our technical expert and tutor.  He is superb at sorting out the most difficult computer problem.  He is also going to take over the task of Treasurer.


Richard is a keen supporter of NBSS and helps members if they get  into difficulties with some of the basics.


Christine is also a keen supporter of NBSS and often comes up with some interesting websites that members can try, besides helping those who get into difficulties.


Clair comes as a support tutor whenever her parochial duties allow.

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